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Redlight x Mak & Pasteman – 9TS (CJ Milli Remix) http://cjmilli.com/9ts-cj-milli-3/ http://cjmilli.com/9ts-cj-milli-3/#comments Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:31:28 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=14754 141390971975710

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The difference between URL and IRL is u and i~ http://cjmilli.com/url-irl/ http://cjmilli.com/url-irl/#comments Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:46:11 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=12051 Continue reading ]]> DWNLD: URL vs. IRL [.zip] THIS IS A SUPER CHILL CJ MILLI EXCLUSIVE SONG UPDATE BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY AND DJ BANGBUS. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Tony Quattro Refix)Download audio file (Rock The Boat (Tony Quattro Refix).mp3)
Agoria, Carl Craig & La Scalars – Speechless (Gesaffelstein Remix)Download audio file (Speechless (Gesaffelstein Remix).mp3)
These next two tracks are off of #TOMCREW C.E.O. Foxy Brown’s compilation “Sprung: A Melodic Trap Compilation,” which was released last month for absolutely zero dollars! These are by no means my only favorites from the release, but I’m a genre-mood-feelings-music categorizing freak so I’ll be posting my other favs in posts in which they are best suited. You can download the release here on their Bandcamp page. Munchi – Hope (El Cucuy’s Bootleg n’ Hustle VIP Remix)Download audio file (Hope (El Cucuys Bootleg n Hustle VIP Remix).mp3)
Koji Kondo – Dire Dire Docks (Noms “Eel” Bootleg)Download audio file (Dire Dire Docks (Noms _Eel_ Bootleg).mp3)
Bwana – Baby Let Me Finish (14th Remix)Download audio file (Baby Let Me Finish (14th Remix).mp3)
Four Tet – 128 HarpsDownload audio file (128 Harps.mp3)
REWROTE – ØDownload audio file (REWROTE.mp3)
TLC – No Scrubs (River Gbeh Remix)Download audio file (No Scrubs (River Gbeh Remix).mp3)
Raven – Is It RealDownload audio file (Is It Real.mp3)
Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (We Like Turtles “She wanna be up” Edit)Download audio file (I Wanna Be Down (We Like Turtles _She wanna be up_ Edit).mp3)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods (Original Mix)Download audio file (Household Goods (Original Mix).mp3)
Julio Bashmore – Au Seve (Original Mix)Download audio file (Au Seve (Original Mix).mp3)
Slow dance 2 dis 1~ Miguel – Adorn (Figgy Remix)Download audio file (Adorn (Figgy Remix).mp3)

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POST-ALIEN ABDUCTION STRESS DISORDER http://cjmilli.com/post-alien-abduction-stress-disorder/ http://cjmilli.com/post-alien-abduction-stress-disorder/#comments Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:46:45 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=10891 Continue reading ]]> DL: Post-Alien Abduction Stress Disorder [.zip]

Some chillzy little trax for my bbs.

Purity Ring – Obedear (Chrome Wolves Bootleg) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Obedear-Chrome-Wolves-Bootleg1.mp3)

Active Child – Hanging On (Chrome Wolves Bootleg) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Hanging-On-Chrome-Wolves-Bootleg1.mp3)

Nouveau Palais – Drama (Canblaster & Sinjin Hawke Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Drama-Canblaster-Sinjin-Hawke-Remix.mp3)

Jaw Jam – CHOP N SCREW IT LIKE (320 kbps)Download audio file (CHOP-N-SCREW-IT-LIKE.mp3)

Viadrina – Pop Song (Original Mix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Pop-Song-Original-Mix2.mp3)

Lil Wayne – Nightmares of the Bottom (LOL Boys Edit) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Nightmares-of-the-Bottom-LOL-Boys-Edit2.mp3)

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills (CJ Milli Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Bills-Bills-Bills-CJ-Milli-Remix.mp3)

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills (Phuturistix Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Bills-Bills-Bills-Phuturistix-Remix.mp3)

The Weeknd – What You Need (320 kbps)Download audio file (What-You-Need.mp3)

The Weeknd – Wicked Games (320 kbps)Download audio file (Wicked-Games.mp3)

The-Dream – Turnt Out (320 kbps)Download audio file (Turnt-Out.mp3)

Jack Dixon – Coconuts (Disclosure Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Coconuts-Disclosure-Remix.mp3)

Q-Tip – Work it Out (Disclosure Booty Call Edit) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Work-It-Out-Disclosure-Booty-Call-Edit.mp3)

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Zero Fucks Given Vol. 2 http://cjmilli.com/zero-fucks-given-vol-2/ http://cjmilli.com/zero-fucks-given-vol-2/#comments Sat, 28 Jul 2012 23:26:14 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=10708 Continue reading ]]>
[Zero Fucks Given Volume 2].zip


ZFG Vol. 2. reminds me of Volume 1, only funkier.

Lately it seems that alternative genres in electronic music are seeing a definitive rise in popularity. Much like how moombahton graced the scene for awhile (it’s still around.. somewhere, whatever) I think these new genres may come and go for a lot of people, but in the rise of their popularity artists who had spent much time trying to fight their way out of the pile of trash that Soundcloud has become (#IHAZABLETONWATCHDIZ) will suddenly be recognized and be given opportunities to bring their sound to much larger audiences. Anyway some probably disagree with me about all or parts of the above but I think we can all agree that good music is good, doesn’t matter how many people listen to it.

Anyway let’s talk about deep house.

I love deep house.

Ok done.

808, Pausetapes, & Other Shit – Baunz (320)Download audio file (Baunz-808-Pausetapes-Other-Shit.mp3)
Doing What I Got – Isaac Tichauer (128)Download audio file (Isaac Tichauer – Doing What I Got.mp3)

There I Was – Chris Malinchak (128) Download audio file (Chris Malinchak – There I Was.mp3)

Sunshine – Ponty Mython (128)Download audio file (Ponty-Mython-Sunshine.mp3)

Use Me Again (Carl Craig Remix) – Tom Trago (320)Download audio file (Tom-Trago-Use-Me-Again-Carl-Craig-Remix.mp3)
(damn, do I love this one.)

Got Somebody – Moon Boots (320)Download audio file (Moon-Boots-Got-Somebody.mp3)

*Special thanks to Gotta Dance Dirty for bringing Moon Boots (with Kaviar Disco Club) to Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg the other week. Great venue for a show of that caliber (it’s a little tiny room hidden in the back of a restaurant). He dropped a lot of great unreleased French Express magic and I danced so hard I thought I might pass out at any moment.

Shox – Cocolores (320) Download audio file (Cocolores-Shox.mp3)

No but really. Also it seems that quite a few releases as of late; especially from French Express, have a somewhat tropical vibe, very Caribbean. Strikingly catchy while still maintaining that smooth and even sound that deep house so famously grasps.

Tobago – Jonas Rathsman (128) Download audio file (Jonas Rathsman – Tobago.mp3)

Since I Don’t Have You (Radio Rip) – Jonas Rathsmam (256) Download audio file (Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You (Radio Rip).mp3)

Seychelles – Perseus (320) Download audio file (Perseus – Seychelles.mp3)

Russian Girlfriends – Perseus Download audio file (Perseus – Russian Girlfriends.mp3)

Moving on to dat Future Garage. Deriving from house, this genre has seen a lot of great releases lately as well as pretty steady upturn in popularity, especially over here across the pond. CJ’s recent post “Feelings” got yr feelings going, now I’m going to kick you in the kidneys while you’re down.

Recently, Montreal artist Jacques Greene released a new EP, ‘Ready’ on 3024. It is a great release, as to be expected of the up and coming producer. Full of that wonderful 4×4 format, along with quite a bit of hollow drum sounds, rolling percussion, reverbed vocal lines, and rnb elements galore. Although this is a bit of a drift off his usual style, I think Greene has found a nice space to occupy between the genres which contend to hold his name in their grasp.

Ready – Jacques Greene (320) Download audio file (Jacques Greene – Ready.mp3)

Dakou – Jacques Greene (320) Download audio file (Jacques Greene – Dakou.mp3)

Prism – Jacques Greene (320) Download audio file (Jacques Greene – Prism.mp3)

Disclosure’s release of their EP, The Face has been met with quite a bit of praise. A few months back before The Face, they released a remix EP for their 2010 track, “The Law of One”, the difference in terms of style is striking, especially when comparing the original to the VIP.

The Law of One (Original Mix) – Disclosure (320) Download audio file (Disclosure – The Law of One (Original Mix).mp3)

The Law of One (VIP Remix) – Disclosure (128) Download audio file (Disclosure – Law of One (VIP Mix).mp3)

Great new remix from the wonderful Eliphino featured on Marina & The Diamonds new album.

Power & Control (Eliphino Remix) – Marina & The Diamonds (128) Download audio file (Marina & The Diamonds – Power & Control (Eliphino Remix).mp3)

I’ve been all about Voltron lately too, especially loving the Jean Nipon remix of ‘Desire’ because of how seamlessly it moves through from one sound/style to a completely different one as a sort ‘drop’ if you will.

Play It – Voltron (128) Download audio file (Play It – Voltron.mp3)

Desire (Jean Nipon Remix) – Volton (320) Download audio file (Voltron – Desire (Jean Nipon Remix).mp3)

On the disco-y side of things there was a great new release from L’Étranger and it is beast, as to be expected. Also love that rework of ‘Most Wanted’ from Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Darlin – L’Étranger (320) Download audio file (Letranger – Darlin.mp3)

Most Wanted (L’Étranger Rework) – Alan Braxe & Fred Falke (320)
Download audio file (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted (Letranger Rework).mp3)

I do think what is happening in the electronic music world is that some of this current generation has put much of it’s interest into said genre and as members of the generation (myself included) get older, they begin to branch out into other forms of electronic music (or maybe they just couldn’t stand the noise that some people call Electro these days) and are discovering that there is probably more good stuff with more than 4 sounds compromising the entire song. Just my two cents, disregard and enjoy the music goodness above if this opinion is not to your liking.

This has been Zero Fucks Given, Volume 2.

All artwork by me:
Elias Theroux – www.beautiful-logic.com


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#FEELINGS http://cjmilli.com/feelings/ http://cjmilli.com/feelings/#comments Thu, 12 Jul 2012 04:01:41 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=10560 Continue reading ]]> Download: #FEELINGS [.zip]

Hey bbs, here’s some music for you to #feel to.

Disclosure – Boiling feat. Sinead Harnett (320 kbps)Download audio file (Boiling-feat.-Sinead-Harnett.mp3)

Disclosure – What’s In Your Head (320 kbps)Download audio file (Whats-In-Your-Head.mp3)

Disclosure – Control feat. Ria Ritchie (320 kbps)Download audio file (Control-feat.-Ria-Ritchie.mp3)

Disclosure – Lividup (320 kbps)Download audio file (Lividup.mp3)

Jacques Greene – The Look (320 kbps)Download audio file (The-Look.mp3)

Bwana – Can’t You Just (320 kbps)Download audio file (Can_t-You-Just.mp3)

Para One – Lean on Me (Original Mix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Lean-On-Me-feat.-Teki-Latex-Original-Mix.mp3)

Dj Sliink “The Connect” – Thinking About You (Sliink Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Thinking-About-You-Sliink-Remix.mp3)

Giraffage & XXYYXX – Even Though (320 kbps)Download audio file (Even Though.mp3)

Giraffage & XXYYXX – Even Though (Teen Daze Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Even Though (Teen Daze Remix).mp3)

Giraffage & XXYYXX – Even Though (Reid Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Even-Though-Reid-Remix.mp3)

Will Monotone – Dem Mai Hoes (Original Mix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Dem-Mai-Hoes-Original-Mix.mp3)

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Zero Fucks Given Vol. 1 http://cjmilli.com/zero-fucks-given-vol-1/ http://cjmilli.com/zero-fucks-given-vol-1/#comments Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:30:30 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=10206 Continue reading ]]> ? DL: Zero Fucks Given Vol. 1 [210 mb] [.zip]

// Original Photos by Nolan Gray Wiley
// Graphic Elements by Elias Théroux

Hi there. My name is Elias. I am a new contributor to CJMILLI. In a fiendish attempt to infiltrate all that is neon, seapunk, reddit-like, and covered in titties (these probably won’t go away, after all everyone loves titties) I have come here to try and balance the equation, so to speak. I’ll be sharing music with you that I like and enjoy and think you might like and enjoy as well. However, allow me to blunt. Not everything I post will be brand spanking new, obscure, or on the cusp of ‘awesome’. Rather, I will post what I think is worth talking about – music that I find relevant. Mind you, most songs will fall into the categories of UK garage/witch house/minimal dub/experimental/deep house/funk/nu-disco/etc. but there is no rhyme or reason as to what I select, it’s simply just an array of shit that I think is legit as fuq.

Let’s start with something super fresh. This new 12″ from Eliphino garners the same reaction I have had about Eliphino tracks in the past. It does not follow a classic flow/build style, instead choosing to slowly work its way up, constantly building the tension and excitement only to drop out into an amazing upbeat techno barrage. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing both of these songs on the regular gracing club nights that pride themselves on well engineered deep house music experiences.

Eliphino – Vrybdy (320)Download audio file (Vrybdy.mp3)

Eliphino – Don’t Make Sense (320)Download audio file (Don_t-Make-Sense.mp3)

Bonus track, my all time favorite jam from Eliphino.

Eliphino – More Than Me (320)Download audio file (More Than Me.mp3)

VILL?GE is a rather new find for me, as well as only recently gracing the music scene (his oldest track on Soundcloud is from just over 5 months ago). Carrying over many classical garage elements in his sound, the blissful liquid baselines coupled with synthesized vocal cuts give way to a very ethereal sound. This smooth almost hypnotic sound evolves and changes as more structural elements slowly build into the sound. High hats and vocal lines drive the song, all while taking the listener on a distinctly unique musical PCP trip of sorts (no bath salts plz).

VILL?GE – Wanna Tell You (320)Download audio file (Village-Wanna-Tell-You.mp3)

VILL?GE – Lift You Up (320)Download audio file (Village-Lift-You-Up.mp3)

VILL?GE – Takeover (320)Download audio file (Village-Takeover.mp3)

Tennis Rodman is the perfect blend of witchy weirdness, grimey elements that echo chopped and screwed musical techniques of 90s hip hop, and rich bass lines. His sound – much like his album art work – epitomize the weirdness that is his sound. These three tracks are from his recently released “Eat Gold EP.”

Tennis Rodman – Blood Everywhere (320)Download audio file (Tennis-Rodman-Blood-Everywhere.mp3)

Tennis Rodman – CrazzzyRefux (320)Download audio file (Tennis-Rodman-Crazzzyrefux.mp3)

Tennis Rodman – BangDissPiXXV (320)Download audio file (Tennis-Rodman-BangdissPIXXV.mp3)

On the funkier side of things, I cannot get these disco tracks out of my head or my playlists as of late. Azari and Ill first came on my radar with their remix of Days by CREEP along with their debut single Manic. Since then I have been drawn to that whiney black man’s voice and undulating funk sound that their tracks always seem to have. This one particular remix of ‘Hungry for the Power’ really has had me hooked for ages.

Azari and Ill – Hungry For The Power (320)Download audio file (Azari-III-Hungry-For-The-Power.mp3)

Azari and Ill – Hungry For The Power (Benny Kane & Bass Refix) (320)Download audio file (Azari-Ill-Hungry-For-The-Power-Benny-Kane-Bass-Refix.mp3)

CREEP – Days (Azari & Ill Remix) (320)Download audio file (Creep-Days-Azari-III-Remix.mp3)

Hush Hush Pony is legit as fuq. Funky to the highest degree. Need I say more?

Hush Hush Pony – Gossips (320)Download audio file (Hush-Hush-Pony-Gossips.mp3)

A new remix from Daniel Avery of Munk’s Kitchen Call. Quite a relaxed remix and a very interesting re-imagination of the original track. Throw in an oldie by Jupiter just to round out this disco section.

Munk – Kitchen Call (Daniel Avery Remix) (320)Download audio file (Munk-Kitchen-Call-Daniel-Avery-Remix.mp3)

Jupiter – SakéDownload audio file (Jupiter-Sake.mp3)

To top it off, I’ll end with a bit of Mosca. A UK music producer whom I’ve admired for quite some time for his wide range of sounds and his ability to build both wonderfully lounge/ambient music, as well as more dance-floor appropriate deep house magic. These first two tracks taken from his latest EP “Eva Mendes” have a much smoother, but still lovely, vibe than the following two older tracks of his (Nike/Bax.)

Mosca – Eva Mendes (320)Download audio file (Mosca-Eva-Mendes.mp3)

Mosca – Accidentally (320)Download audio file (Mosca-Accidentally.mp3)

Mosca – Nike (Club Edit) (320)Download audio file (Mosca-Nike-Club-Edit.mp3)

Mosca – Bax (Original Mix) (320)Download audio file (Mosca-Bax-Original-Mix.mp3)

Anyway that’s all for me. Hope you enjoy the tunes and feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions, always on the look out for new awesome artists to feature in the future so if you think you’re awesome (you’re probably not) feel free to use the contact section to get in touch and share your weirdness with me. This has been Zero Fucks Given Vol. 1, I bid you adieu.

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LET THERE BE CHILL http://cjmilli.com/let-there-be-chill/ http://cjmilli.com/let-there-be-chill/#comments Wed, 25 Apr 2012 17:30:52 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=9429 Continue reading ]]> Download: Let There Be Chill (.zip)

You may or may not have noticed that the site was down the last couple days. Apparently my domain expired, and I got no money in da bank, so they held it hostage til I paid up. I like the fact that this is an ad-free site, but I’m thinking maybe I should put one or two up on this bitch so I can get a little $ for all this hard werk. What do you guys think? I’m lost//help a hoe out. Also, all of these songs are top notch, but you should know that by now.

And god said, LET THERE BE CHILL.

Sinjin Hawke & MORRI$ – One Kiss (320 kbps)Download audio file (One Kiss.mp3)

XXXY – I Know This (Can’t Be Love) (320 kbps)Download audio file (I Know This (Cant Be Love).mp3)

XXXY – Ordinary Things (320 kbps)Download audio file (Ordinary Things.mp3)

Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris (Tokyo Hands’ Get Low Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Baby (Tokyo Hands Get Low Remix).mp3)

Holygrailers – Drama (320 kbps)Download audio file (Holygrailers – Drama.mp3)

Julio Bashmore – Ensnare (320 kbps)Download audio file (Ensnare.mp3)

Adam Port – Sally (Original Mix)Download audio file (Sally (Original Mix).mp3)

I posted “Getting me Down” by Blawan back in January [get clicky], but I failed to holler at how perfect this song really is. I fucking luds it, and everyone I’ve played it for seems to agree, so make sure you grab this panty dropper~

Blawan – Getting Me Down (320 kbps)Download audio file (Getting Me Down.mp3)

I moved in with a fly ass record-playing babe a couple weeks ago, and the other morning I woke up to her spinning the shit out of The Books. I had almost forgotten how lovely and chillzy they make me feel inside. Brought me back to 2k3 for sure. Also, pro tip: music to do homework to. Pro+ tip: if you holler at me I’ll upload the full albums.

The Books – The Lemon of Pink (320 kbps)Download audio file (The Lemon of Pink.mp3)

The Books – The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice? (320 kbps)Download audio file (The Future)
Download audio file (Wouldn_t That Be Nice.mp3)

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Music to Study to http://cjmilli.com/music-to-study-to/ http://cjmilli.com/music-to-study-to/#comments Fri, 16 Mar 2012 01:49:14 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=8230 Continue reading ]]> Download: Music to Study to (.zip)

Here in the US it’s exam week for lots of students, so I thought I’d post a little something for all you college babes that are going HARD in the motherfucking studying. IMHO these songs are fairly easy to zone out and get your study on to… so while you’re busting your asses, push play on these little shits and get chill. If you follow those instructions and you don’t get an A+, give your teacher my e-mail address and we will have a little disCUSSion as to why you totally should have.

Gotta start off with ‘Up 3Dayz Adderall & Red Bull,’ a little Sea Punk ditty that is extremely appropriate music to study to… do I really need to explain why?

Craxxxsoft – Up 3Dayz Adderall & Red Bull (320 kbps)Download audio file (Up 3Dayz Adderall & Red Bull.mp3)

Metronomy – The Look (Two Inch Punch’s Shook Shook Refix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (The Look (Two Inch Punch’s Shook Shook Refix).mp3)

Jonas Rathsman – Tobago (320 kbps)Download audio file (Tobago (Original Mix).mp3)

Javeon McCarthy – Lost Time (Original Mix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Javeon McCarthy – Lost Time (Original Mix).mp3)

MiSK – Open Doors (And Heaving Floors) (320 kbps)Download audio file (MiSK – Open Doors (And Heaving Floors).mp3)

I Heart Sharks – Summer (320 kbps)Download audio file (I Heart Sharks – Summer.mp3)

I’ve been looking for Erkka’s Remix of ‘I Don’t Know What to Do’ for quite awhile now. Got it! Grab dat.

The Magician feat. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What To Do (Erkka Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (I Don’t Know What To Do (Erkka Remix).mp3)

Classic Siriusmo right here.

Siriusmo – Signal (Original Mix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Siriusmo – Signal (Original Mix).mp3)

and I’m re-posting this one cause it’s the chillest of them all.

Homework – Hold Me Tight (320 kbps)Download audio file (Hold-Me-Tight.mp3)

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CTFO http://cjmilli.com/ctfo/ http://cjmilli.com/ctfo/#comments Fri, 02 Mar 2012 22:13:11 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=7876 Continue reading ]]> Download: CTFO U FGGTS

Guys, it’s Friday! I know you’re stoked. BUT before you friday freak the fuck out, why don’t you sit back and chill the fuck out for a minute? CTFO = Chill the fuck out. Do dat.

Oh, and this first song is my favorite. Like, ever.

Mayer Hawthorne – Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix).mp3)

Emil & Friends – Josephine (Shook Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Josephine (Shook Remix).mp3)

Allure – I Will Change (feat. Jordan Lee) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Allure – I Will Change (feat. Jordan Lee).mp3)

U-Tern – You Don’t Know Me (320 kbps)Download audio file (U-Tern – You Dont Know Me.mp3)

Lancelot – Spoken Word (320 kbps)Download audio file (Lancelot – Spoken Word.mp3)

Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix).mp3)

Yolanda Be Cool feat. Crystal Waters – Le Bump (Round Table Knights Remix) (320 kbps)Download audio file (Le Bump (Round Table Knights Remix).mp3)

MLH All Stars – Venus Beach (320 kbps)Download audio file (Venus Beach.mp3)

Jesse Rose – Well Now (320 kbps)Download audio file (Well Now.mp3)

Gemini Club – By Surprise (320 kbps)Download audio file (By Surprise.mp3)

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