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Moombahton Pack number twenty fucking three coming atcha straight from the CJ Milli Moombah vault! So, the other day I was jerking off on Facebook when Pedro Maurício, aka King Kong sent me a new track of his. I don’t always listen to tracks that people send me, cause most of the time they’re a waste of my goddamn precious time, but for some reason I clicked the link not knowing it was from mister King Kong, and was so fucking pleasantly surprised at what I heard. Some creamy, sexy moombahton right here. Just as the title suggests, this track is what you need.

King Kong — What You Need (Original Moombahsoul) (320 kbps)

Astronomar is my main squeeze right about now. I’ve been waiting for the release of ‘Moombatronix’ since we first heard it last year, and much to my surprise he released it for FREE! I added this one last second, so it’s not in the .zip file. Make sure you download it. Fire bitches! And look out for a post coming this week on his “Ya’ll Know EP.”

Astronomar — Moombatronix (320 kbps)

Next up we have a new remix from Nadastrom! Their take on Alex Clare’s track “Too Close” is pretty perfect, much like their remix of another one of his tracks “Up All Night.” We loved that, and yes, we love this. Even if it is in the new internet explorer commercial.

Alex Clare — Too Close (Nadastrom Remix) (320 kbps)

Diplo’s new EP “Express Yourself” has been huge since it’s release last week. You know you need this shit.

DL: Diplo — Express Yourself EP[320] [.zip] (includes acapella)

Diplo — Express Yourself (ft. Nicky Da B) (320 kbps)

Diplo — Express Yourself (ft. Nicky Da B) (Instrumental) (320 kbps)

Diplo — No Problam feat. Flinch & Kay (320 kbps)

I was super stoked when I saw that Codes did up a Moombah-to-House transition edit for my FAVORITE track of his, ‘Dying.’ I’ve always found the original mix a bit difficult to mix with other tracks, so praise based god for this legit-ass disco-ombah transition! You can continue this Codes circle jerk by downloading the original version of ‘Dying’ here.

Codes — Dying (Codes Moombah to House Refix) (320 kbps) [110–128 Transition]

Spenda C’s Getting Dumb EP is some hot shit. J-Trick’s remix is my fav, followed by the Original.

Spenda C — Getting Dumb (J-Trick Remix) (320 kbps)

Spenda C — Getting Dumb (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Every DJ who gets down with the main stream and the moombah needs this one.

Munchi — Deja Tu Vaina Flocka (Wes de Graaf Bootleg) (320 kbps)

In our our last Moombahton pack we posted Doc Adam’s moombahton+vocal flip of ‘Sex Sax.’ We noted iSkream Social’s request for a vox-free version, and lo and behold Mr. Doc Adam himself left a comment saying that one does in fact exist! Fuck yep, here it is.

Drop the Lime — Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit) (320 kbps)

This one was released with all of Diplo’s Horsey madness last year, but when I was going through music the other day I realized I never posted it! So here you bitches go! Favorite, and only, remix I have of Horsey.

Diplo — Horsey (Shelco Garcia & TeenWolf Remix) (320 kbps)

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DAT SASS APPEAL http://cjmilli.com/dat-sass-appeal/ http://cjmilli.com/dat-sass-appeal/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:53:05 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=7300 Continue reading ]]>

Dat Sass Appeal Mega Pack (.zip)

Marcus Price & Carli — Akta Min Whiskey (320 kbps)

DJ Melo — Topless Riddim (Moombahton Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Botnek — Cairo (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Chiddy Bang — Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Moombahton Remix) (320 kbps)

A Tribe Called Quest — The Luck Of Lucien (Riot Earp Rmx) (320 kbps)

Ak’sent — Zingy (Jantsen & Dirt Monkey boom!bahton remix) (320 kbps)

Chong X — You (320 kbps)

A-Mak & Paul David — Horizon (ETC! ETC! Remix) (320 kbps)

Wale Ft. Big Sean — Slight Work (320 kbps)

Mickey Avalon — Jane Fonda (320 kbps)

What So Not — Love Theme (320 kbps)

What So Not — Dollar Bill (320 kbps)

What So Not — Get Busy Y’all (320 kbps)

What So Not — Imperial ft. Astrix Little (320 kbps)

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Moombahton Pack #20 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-20/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-20/#comments Sat, 11 Feb 2012 20:01:32 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=7009 Continue reading ]]> DL: Moombahton Pack #20 (.zip)

Yes, you can believe your eyes. CJ is back with another huge load of Moombah to blow all over you bitches! Our last Moombahton pack was lingering somewhere in the depths of CJMilli.com, and we certainly don’t want you scrolling in the deep to have the find dat good good. So here it is, Moombahton Pack fucking 20. This one’s a smanger.

First order of business: Jeffree’s Volume One, a compilation released last week on Mad Decent’s new sub-label, Jeffrees. Every other Thursday they have been/will be releasing a new single for FREE, with higher resolution versions of the songs sold as part of a compilation that will be available on iTunes and Beatport every two months. Hell yeah, that’s wassup. But the best part of Jeffrees is that the releases have all been fly as fuck, and what they have planned for future Thursdays just might be even flyer! So far they’ve showcased releases from CJ Milli favorites Sticky K, Douster, Will Bailey, Valentino Khan, Astronomar, and Bro Safari. If those names don’t convince you, than the music will. So check my favorite track from the release below, and head over to their site for moar. Here’s ‘Persian Algebra’ in full 320 glory! And BTW, it’s fucking FIRE. Favorite Moombahton track of 2k12 thus far.

Sticky K — Persian Algebra (320 kbps)

Here’s a funky little number from up and coming moombah maestro Spenda C. This guy is one half of the Australian duo The Mane Thing. If you dig this song, you should prolly check what we had to say about The Mane Thing here.

Chiddy Bang — Ray Charles (Spenda C Edit) (320 kbps)

Mmmm this remix by Tigre Hoods is IT, it being the type of song to get bitches NAKED. I would know, cause I’m a bitch. Trust.

Kraymer — The Concept (Tigre Hoods Remix) (320 kbps)

CJ Milli fucking favorite, gLAdiator, released a [free!] Remix EP for their single “Brand New” featuring remixes from Lazerdisk Party Sex, Team Jaguar, Aylen, Planet Rock, and Cy Kosis. I lud it! Surprisingly I lud all of the remixes too. This is surprising because it’s not too often each and every producer on a remix album delivers, but yep, they sure did. Download the whole EP, or preview CJ’s favs below.

gLAdiator — Brand New EP (320) (.zip)

gLAdiator — Brand New (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

gLAdiator — Brand New (Planet Rock Remix) (320 kbps)

gLAdiator — Brand New (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix) (320 kbps)

gLAdiator — Brand New (Team Jaguar Remix) (320 kbps)

Here’s some West Coast vibes on dat East Coast Moombah!

Dr. Dre — Still California (Wick-it Moombahton Remix) (320 kbps)

I think I was stoned when I first listened to Ear Jerker’s Signal:Noise EP, cause the other night I was loving on it SO HARD. Upon further listening, I realized it may not be as asmangzing as I thought, but it’s still pretty fresh. Anyway, here’s my favorite from the EP, ‘Dirty Darla,’ along with a remix from Manics.


Ear Jerker — Dirty Darla (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Ear Jerker — Dirty Darla (Manics Remix) (320 kbps)

Here’s a chillzy little remix by Chong X. Makes me think of cowboys riding around on horses shooting rabbits and being badass. I don’t know.

Wayanay De Los Andes — Purunrunas (Chong X Edit)(320 kbps)

I’m just gonna leave these last few tracks here. It’s getting late and I got moar blogging to do bitches!

Gianni Marino - Tom's Diner (Phi Unit Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Bingo Players — Devotion (Josh Miller Moombahton Bootleg Remix) (320 kbps)

Sazon Booya — In Your Eyes (320 kbps)

Sazon Booya — La Bomba (320 kbps)

Jon Kwest — Falling Up (320 kbps)

Jantsen & Dirt Monkey — Sand Man (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

David Heartbreak — Elmo (J-Trick Remix) (320 kbps)

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Moombahton Pack 19 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-19/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-19/#comments Wed, 11 Jan 2012 16:43:41 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=6414 Continue reading ]]> Download Moombahton Pack #19 (.zip)

My computer has been in the shop getting fixed for the past week, hence the recent lack of tunes. No good. But here’s a mini-moombah pack to hold you freaks over til my music machine comes back.

First up, some Moombahluv.

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Cousin Culo vs Cousin Cole) (320 kbps)

Panda Da Panda – Vem e du (Boyfriend & Ophex Remix) (320 kbps)

Arehouse – Sometimes (320 kbps)

A couple from mister Apt One.

The Beatnuts – Se Acabo (DJ Apt One Remix) (320 kbps)

Frankie Lymon — Little Bitty Pretty One (DJ Apt One Edit) (320 kbps)

Valentino Khan — Kingstone (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Munchi — Fuck This (320 kbps)

Bart B More, Drop The Lime & AC Slater – The Bass (Kid Cassette Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Heavyfeet ft. Hannah T — Just Fall (Dillon Francis Remix) (320 kbps)

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Valentino Khan’s Christmas Present for CJ Milli http://cjmilli.com/valentino-khan-exclusive-mix/ http://cjmilli.com/valentino-khan-exclusive-mix/#comments Sun, 25 Dec 2011 23:34:34 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=6019 Continue reading ]]>
When I first started this site, I didn’t expect too many people to be into it. I was happy with just having somewhere to archive all of my favorite music, even if I was the only person enjoying the fuck out of it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of attention people have my paying to my little home on the world wide web. AND I’m even more surprised that one of the artists that I’ve been loving on offered to do an exclusive mix for the site! With that being said, I’m proud to present to you CJ Milli’s first exclusive mixtape by none other than LA-based producer & DJ Valentino Khan.

As for this mix, it’s one MONSTER of a Christmas present, containing 20 solid minutes of fly ass music. Super versatile, the mix not only includes dat MOOMBAH you were counting on, but also some disco and even some juke! When he sent the mix my way he made sure to let me know that he included DJ Rashad’s juke jam “Fuck Me in My Face” that he found here on the site! What a happy ending (pun intended.)

DL: Valentino Khan's Christmas Present Mix For CJ Milli (320 kbps)

1. Bro Safari — Da Worm (Original Mix)
2. Munchi — Fuck This (Original Mix)
3. Schlachthofbronx feat. Gnucci Banana — Coolie Fruit (Valentino Khan Remix)
4. Valentino Khan — Talk Trash (Original Mix)
5. Will Bailey, Nom De Strip & Hatiras — Swagnum PI (Original Mix)
6. Angger Dimas — Hey Freak (Original Mix)
7. Chuckie — Who Is Ready To Jump (Valentino Khan’s Warhorn Remix)
8. Valentino Khan x Jay-Z x Kanye West — New Day
9. Bastille — Bumpin (Original Mix)
10. The Phantom’s Revenge — Charlie (Original Mix)
11. Valentino Khan x Jay-Z x Kanye West — Illest MF Alive
12. Kelis — Milkshake (Munchi’s ‘Thanks To Subeena’ Bootleg Kuduro Remix)
13. DJ Rashad — Fuck Me In My Face (Original Mix)

In other <a href=“Valentino Khan news, he’s also included a brand new track that he released last week. “Kingstone” was going to be a B-Side to Rukus for Mad Decent, but the samples didn’t clear so he’s released it for free!

Valentino Khan — Kingstone (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

You know I have to give you guys a little background info on this moombahton maestro! He began producing music for the now late Market Price. Their first single “Talk Trash” [see post here] is definitely a moombahton ANTHEM, containing all of the elements needed to make a quality fucking moombahton dancefloor wet their panties. Although Market Price recently split up, Mr. Khan was responsible for all of the production (what was the other half doing?!), so there’s no need to mourn the loss of his quality tunes, he’s doing his solo thing harder than ever.

Market Price — Talk Trash (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

I must also say that my favorite track by him has gotta be “New Day” off of his remix album of “Watch the Throne.” The drop at :53 is just so fucking happy! [You better check out my post on dat shit here.]

Valentino Khan x Jay-Z x Kanye West — New Day (320 kbps)

And with all that being said, you can leave your love for Valentino Khan in the comments and enjoy the mix!

PS– I’m going to keep this up as a monthly feature so look the fuck out for next months mix! Tryna make a mix for CJ Milli? Holla at me here: contact@cjmilli.com <3

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Moombahton Pack #18 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-18/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-18/#comments Thu, 15 Dec 2011 17:05:01 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=5776 Continue reading ]]> Download Moombahton Pack 18 (.zip)

First fucking order of business: Billy the Gent’s monster of a compilation “Through the Wire” is finally here! This 11 song compilation is comprised of collaborations made exclusively over the internet. ‘The internet’ and ‘Moombahton’ are two of my all-time favorite things, so naturally this album is a winner. So many banging basslines from so many of our favorite producers. Christmas totally came early! The artwork for the album was produced by one of my friends Brian Woodland. His work is always super fly so keep him in mind for your graphic design needs bitches. Check out my 5 favorites or download the entire compilation below.

Download Through the Wire (320) (.zip)

ETC!ETC! x Nacey — Le Grand Zombi (320 kbps)

Steve Starks x JWLS — Circus (320 kbps)

Bobby La Beat x Riot Earp — ¡Eh! (320 kbps)

Torro Torro x Long Jawns — The Pump (320 kbps)

Billy the Gent x Pickster — Bring The Bass Back (320 kbps)

I don’t know what sparked this trend of everyone remixing the ‘Thong Song’, but I lud it. Here’s DJ 4HEAD’s Moombahton edit of No Body’s remix of the Thong Song. Ahhhh say that 5 times fast bitches!

Sisqó — Thong Song (Dj 4HEAD! Moombah Edit) (320 kbps)

NEXT UP, I’ve been waiting on this track to come out since I heard the Soundcloud preview a few months ago, and after what feels like forever, João Brasil finally released his “Funk Do Iphone” EP this week on Man Recordings! The idea behind the song is pretty genius if you ask me. He samples the classic iPhone ringtone… enough said. But not really, cause I do have to say that IMHO this remix by Moombahton maestro DJ Sabo is by far the best track on the EP! Lud it.

João Brasil — Funk Do iPhone feat. Marina Gasolina (Sabo Remix) (320 kbps) [Removed by request]

Some more tunes from the moombah vault.

Kill The Noise — Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix) (320 kbps)

Daud — Sweets (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Justin Timberlake — Cry Me A River (King Kong ”Go On And Just” Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Selah Sue — Raggamuffin (Puga MoombahtonFix!) (320 kbps)

Bucketheads — The Bomb (JoNny Chino Moombahton Make-Over) (320 kbps)

EL Dusty aka DJ DUS — Ke Le Pasa (Mendez & Riot Earp Bootleg Remix) (320 kbps)

Here’s some chillzy moombah, or moombah-luv, or moombah to smang to.

Sonora & Mundaca — Love You Down (320 kbps)

Pickster & Riot Earp - She's Just (320 kbps)

Tactic — Grindin On Me (320 kbps)

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Market Price — Mark the Throne http://cjmilli.com/market-price-mark-the-throne/ http://cjmilli.com/market-price-mark-the-throne/#comments Mon, 05 Dec 2011 19:10:20 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=5648 Continue reading ]]> § Download Mark the Throne (320) (.zip)

Jay-Z & Kanye West released their album “Watch the Throne,” and we were like meh. Market Price released their remix album of the same shit and we were all like HELL YEAH.

Apparently this was released about 3 months ago… don’t know how we missed it until now. But better late than never for goddamn sure. If you haven’t already downloaded this, you know you better cause THIS SHIT CRAY!

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West — Niggas in Paris (320 kbps)

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West — New Day (320 kbps)

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West — Otis (320 kbps)

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West — Illest MF Alive (320 kbps)

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West - That's My Bitch (320 kbps)

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Moombahton Pack #17 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-17/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-17/#comments Wed, 30 Nov 2011 23:10:26 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=5563 Continue reading ]]> Download Moombahton Pack 17 (.zip)

Far too much time has passed since our last Moombahton pack! But that’s only because we’ve been waiting until we had enough songs to give you guys all of the bass, airhorn, jackin tropical beats, and gunshots you deserve. You ready? Better be, cause we have some fucking radical handpicked moombahton goodness coming right up.

More and more producers that normally stick to producing in other genres are hopping on the Moombahton train. That’s totally okay, cause on the Moombahton train it’s the more the merrier. ALL-A-FUCKING-BOARD! One of these cross-over-ers is one of our favorite production duos, BeatauCue. They killed it per usual with this one.

BeatauCue — Sharki (320 kbps)

Valentino Khan (half of the now late Market Price) has been making some fly ass moombahton. Get down on this shit and keep an eye out for an exclusive mix he’s making for us in the next couple weeks!

Schlachthofbronx feat. Gnucci Banana — Coolie Fruit (Valentino Khan Remix) (320 kbps)

These next two are Featured on Moombahluv Volume II. So sexy. Download the full compilation here.

JoNny Chino — Oh Child (320 kbps)

STLKRFXXX — Creep (320 kbps)

When artists get super popular, they start getting asked to do a ton of remixes, and since you know those remixes are making them that cash $$, I’m sure it’s hard to turn them down. So it goes like this: they take on all these remixes, and somewhere in the process they lose that BAM that made their songs so special in the first place. Next thing you know they’re releasing a crazy amount of ‘okay’ remixes instead of just one or two GR8 tracks every month or so. I’m not hating, but I’m just not digging a lot of the remixes that Dillon Francis has released lately. The higher the BPMs get, the more brostep the songs sound. But that’s not to say he’s fallen off the deep end! Here’s one of his new remixes that I lud.

Steve Aoki Feat. Rivers Cuomo — Earthquakey People (Dillon Francis Remix) (320 kbps)

Bingo Players — Rattle (8cto Moombahton Edit) (320 kbps)

Amazinggaijin & DJ Moms — Sabro (Jay Fay Moombahton Remix) (320 kbps)

I love the Nadastrom remix of this song, but I will admit it gets a little tricky when DJing with it. Rico Moombah made this edit, free of traps.

Alex Clare — Up All Night (Nadastrom Remix) (Rico Moombah! Hates Traps Fix) (320 kbps)

Moombahton ± Radiohead? Sounds like a fucking disaster, but somehow it’s not. We can dig this.

Radiohead — Codexahton (Robert DeLong Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Beat Down the Kid is one of our favorite friends from our OG stomping grounds, RVA [Richmond, Virginia.] We miss that place so hard. Fuck. You know you want this track he released last week!

Beat Down the Kid — The Good, The Bad, And The Moombah (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Apt One — Yin Yang (320 kbps)

Steve Angello — KNAS (DJR Moombahton Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Not enough moombah for you fiends? Check out our previous Moombahton Packs! If you missed even one you fucking MISSED OUT.

And as always, make sure you like us on Facebook for those bonus treats, and follow us on Twitter for some offensive language!

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Moombahton Pack #16 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-16/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-16/#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 15:06:48 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=5232 Continue reading ]]> Download Moombahton Pack #16 (.zip)

David Heartbreak’s “M7 EP” is one monster of a compilation! “Pimpin” is my favorite track from the EP for goddamn sure. In fact, it’s one of my favorite tracks released in 2011; and by that I mean it’s a MUST FUCKING HAVE PANTY WETTER. This collaboration between Heartbreak and CJ Milli favorite JWLS is totally music to freak to.

[EDIT] just realized “Heartbreak & JWLS — Pimpin” isn’t out yet, and wasn’t part of the EP so check it out on soundcloud here

↓Download David Heartbreak — M7 EP (320) (.zip)

My second favorite track on the EP is “Valley Girls,” a collab between Heartbreak and mister J-Trick. You can’t deny this track… like, you know?

Heartbreak & J-Trick — Valley Girls (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

1. Heartbreak — That Heartbreak
2. Heartbreak & J-Trick — Valley Girls (Original Mix)
3. Bad Behavior
4. Diving
5. Diving (Crisis Kid Remix)

Just Kiddin is a funky disco duo that I discovered earlier this week. I’ve been playing the shit out of a few songs by them, one being “Return to Tropicana.” Sooo you can imagine my level of STOKED when I saw that somebody made a moombahton remix of it! I lud it.

Just Kiddin — Return to Tropicana (B-Stee + Archi Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Chong X got me hooked with his remix of “Bomba” [see post here], and now he’s back with some more funky moombah! Yes.

Chong X — Yo! (320 kbps)

I downloaded Ursa Major’s Low Rises Remixes EP and was like mehhh, but I was super pleasantly surprised by the J-Trick remix. It’s a gem!

Ursa Major — Low Rises (J-Trick Remix) (320 kbps)

Songs slowed down=moombahton. Moombahton sped up=THIS SONG! Of course JFK is doin it backwards. ♥

Tittsworth & Alvin Risk — Pendejas (JFK Edit) (320 kbps)

A few more because I can.

Death Grips — Lord of the Game (Daims&Chrisupreme x Allan Guevara Mix) (320 kbps)

The Rolling Stones — Miss You (Kovary Moombahton Bootleg) (320 kbps)

Starfoxxx — Boomblast (320 kbps)

Tim Mcvicar — Lady Mad On Her (320 kbps)

Three 6 Mafia - Poppin' My Collar (JWLS Bootleg) (320 kbps)

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Moombahton Pack #15 http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-15/ http://cjmilli.com/moombahton-pack-15/#comments Tue, 01 Nov 2011 22:22:14 +0000 http://cjmilli.com/?p=4896 Continue reading ]]> Download Moombahton Pack #15 (.zip)

From what I can tell, the Moombahton Packs are the most popular posts on the site, so I gotta apologize to you babes for letting so much time pass between now and my last Moombahton post. With that being said, I hope you guys are as stoked as I am for today’s post, and If you just can’t handle the time lapses and you need some CJ Milli every fucking day, like my page on Facebook for daily updates and shit I’m luddin.

In case you are a total noob and haven’t figured out who is behind this blog, it’s me, CJ Milli. I am first and foremost a BLOGGER, but I also DJ and produce musics. I know it’s lame when bloggers promote the shit out of their own tracks, but I dunno… I have a feeling you guys might be glad I tooted my own horn on this one. I’ve been slowing down just about every song I love to 110bpm just to see how it would sound with a smang on it. Of course not every song is meant to be moombahton-ized, but Louis La Roche’s track “Fake Tan” is one of those tracks that makes me wonder if it was meant to be a slow smanger. Let me know what you guys think! If you lud it, check out more of the shit I’ve made on my Soundcloud.

Louis La Roche — Fake Tan (CJ Milli Moombahton Edit) (320 kbps)

Next up, I have a remix from the always fly Codes! He decided to give us this remix of the classic Harry Belafonte track “Jump In The Line” yesterday as a little Halloween present. Thank him here, and look out for an exclusive interview I’m doing with him soon! Let me know if you guys have any questions you’d like me to ask him:)

Harry Belafonte — Jump In The Line (Codes Remix) (320 kbps)

Sticking with the “jump” theme, I’ve been loving a little on Sabo’s remix of “Jump Around.” BUT don’t get too excited just yet. Do me a favor and listen to Jantsen’s remix of the same track. Yeah the BPMs are different, but nigga totally stole part of the song from him.

House of Pain — Jump Around (Sabo’s Moombahstep Edit) (320 kbps)

House of Pain — Jump Around (Jantsen Remix) (320 kbps)

Here’s a smooth n sexy track from one of my favorite duos, gLAdiator.

gLAdiator — Holler (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

This track is off of “Moombahton Massive Vol. 6″ that was released this week. I expected a little more from a collab consisting of some of my fav producers [A-Mac, Barletta], but the track still has that laid-back, chillthefuckout moombah vibe that we all need in our lives every now and then.

A-Mac, Paul David, & Barletta — Sea Slide Galaxy (320 kbps)

If you keep up with your moombahton I’m sure you’ve heard this one, but you know I couldn’t not post it!

Bro Safari — Uncrushable (320 kbps)

Yesterday, I asked you guys if you had any suggestions for today’s Moombahton pack. Although I was hoping you guys would deliver, I didn’t expect this! Mister Fóxy Brown suggested I check out this track by his “homies from chi-town,” and I’m glad I did cause it’s a WINNER for sure.

Starfoxxx — Boomblast (part II) (320 kbps)

Found these little gems by Neki Stranac the other day.

Fukkk Off — Worldwide (Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit) (320 kbps)

Zedd — Shave It (Neki Mix) (320 kbps)

OK OK SHUT THE FUCK UP, it’s Chuck Testa time. Someone PLEASE make a better moombahton track sampling this guy. This remix is alright… but gawd please gimme more.

Popeska — Chuck Testa Moombahton (320 kbps)

Annnd you’ve gotta be sick of reading my ridiculous commentary by now, so I’ll just leave these last few goodies here →

Freaky Philip — Fresh (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

Uncle Jesse — Small Change (320 kbps)

Soulja Boy — All Black Everything (Jay Fay Remix) (320 kbps)

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